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Development & sales of innovative foil-assisted sports boats, yachts and dinghies for leisure and racing.

The Q23 is the first and so far only sailboat that can handle every sailing mode known today: displacement sailing, planing, semi-foiling and full-foiling.
This is what makes the boat so entertaining and why it is attractive not only to private individuals but also to clubs and ambitious sailing schools.

This foiling singlehander from Australia, fulfills your desire to fly over the water after a short time.
The Skeeta is the boat of choice if skiffs are too expensive, too complicated and too one-sided for you and you really want to be independent: "Champagne-Foiling" exactly when you "have to have it"!

The time is ripe for a really new youth boat! The fact that it is a foiler is nowadays only a surprise for the "eternal yesterdays".
The technical features of the Skeeta also make the Nikki totally practical.

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