Quant 23

A sensational sport boat that flies
or vice versa, a foiler that arouses emotions even in classic mode!

Quantum 23: Foiling for all!

"Speaking of sailing professionals. Whether it was the testers of the European magazine scene or sailing professionals such as Frenchman Benoit Marie - Mini Transat winner and International Moth Champion - all praised one thing above all about the Q23: its easy handling."
Quote: Michael Kunst, sailing journalist

Short portrait Quant 23

The Q23 shows performance in foiling as well as in classic mode - even in light winds. The Q23 has proven its versatility and versatility early on and the win of the European Yacht Award 2016 is an expression and reward for the unique and trend-setting concept. "Flying" is possible alone or with a crew of 2 from a good 6kts. With 9kts of wind, 20kts can already be achieved - today the internal speed record is over 27kts.

More than the pure speed potential, the controllability of the boat on the foils is of interest. Unlike other foilers, the Quant 23 has a construction that allows virtually self-stable foiling. 80 - 90% of the "balance work" is done by the boat, the rest by the crew.
This is not the case with all foilers. The Quant 23 spoils its crew with long enjoyable flights. However, if a crash is imminent, the scow bow takes over - flat and with plenty of volume.
After a mostly gentle "touchdown" the bow comes up again immediately - an abrupt delay with risk of injury as with other foilers is alien to the Quant 23.

In moderate conditions, the Q23 with its good nature and exceptional stability is also suitable as a family boat and even as a bathing boat.
Mast setting and laying, keel lifting etc. is done by hand on the trailer.
The total 330 kgs light 7m boat is exclusively slipped!
Buoy, harbour or dinghy park are equally suitable as moorings.

What makes the Quant 23 truly unique for passionate sailors is its huge utility potential. In addition to pure displacement sailing, dinghy-like planing ability and "full-foiling", the new mode of "semi-foiling" is also available. The hull "slithers" just above the water surface and the boat benefits from a significant increase in speed thanks to reduced drag.

23 feet/7.08 m
1.93 m
1.75 m
330 kg
Ballast share
60 kg
Mast length
10.2 m
Sail area
35 m2 on the wind
approx. 35 m2
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