"...a unique experience , very much like the
with a Moth."
Quote Lars Bolle, tester at the biggest european sailing magazine "Yacht

Fun over the whole wind range.

The SKEETA is characterized by a very good-natured behavior. At the same time, "performance" does not have to be renounced. This includes foiling in the lower to medium wind range, "through-foiled" tacks and gybes as well as a predictable behavior in more wind.

Short portrait Skeeta

Rigging, setting the sails, taking in and out of the water make the preparations - comparatively - child's play. The Skeeta is not only called "Singlehander", she really is one. The so-called scow-shape of the hull makes the boat stable and comfortable. Thanks to the flat hull, you can quickly get back on board after a capsize. Once the wind goes to sleep, you can lie across in the boat, enjoy life and sail home.

Crashes in light and medium foiling conditions don't happen and in higher winds they are rare. If they do happen, they are well cushioned by the ample volume in the bow.
The concept of the Skeeta conveys a lot of confidence. This increases the desire to go out on the water more often, which in turn explains why the Skeeta is probably the most popular singlehander foiler today for foiling training, for leisure and fun, for private individuals as well as sailing schools and clubs. 

You can quickly adapt the Skeeta to changing conditions on the water.
The "flying height", for example, is continuously adjustable - if it is reduced, this makes control easier.
If you are surprised by a strong wind, you can reduce the lift on the main foil so that the boat does not lift off. This way you will get home safely.
Another exclusivity - which is only available with the Skeeta - is the use of the boat without foils. In this set up, the Skeeta turns out to be an extremely spirited dinghy, with which you can let off steam even in really strong winds and waves.

12 feet /
3.68 m
1.26 m / 2.30 m (incl. wings)
Hull weight
35 kg
Sail area
8.5 / 9.5 m2 (optional)
Crew weight
60 - 100 kg
unlimited and fitness dependent
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