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Development & sales of innovative foil-assisted sports boats, yachts and dinghies for leisure and racing.

Real innovation

An interesting story about the development of a start-up, which shortly after its emergence already decisively shapes and accelerates the turning point in sailing.

In the search for solutions to make "sport boats" generally more efficient, we - a crew of Swiss sport boat sailors - came across an ingenious idea by the English designer Hugh Welbourn in 2008. The aim of his development is lighter, faster monohull boats that sail more stably in stronger winds than comparable conventional boats. The principle: A lot of lead in the keel is replaced by a foil, which - extended downwind - generates lift and thus righting moment. 

Our boats

Unfiltered sailing pleasure over a wide wind range, fun and "challenge" at the same time and the feeling of flying over the water rather than planing, which was previously reserved for only a few.

The Skeeta is the most democratic boat, worldwide. It turns many spectators into "protagonists"! With the Skeeta, foiling becomes a popular sport. She is the true people's Moth.

The time is ripe for a really new youth boat! The fact that it is nevertheless a foiler, amazes today only the "eternal yesterdays".

Quant Boats History

In August 2008 we get the chance to sail a DSS test boat Convinced by the idea, we founded QuantBoats in 2009 and started a close cooperation with Hugh Welbourn Design to build the fastest sport boat for lakes under 10m. The starting signal for a rapid development - which of course we didn't know at the time.
If you are interested in the extraordinary development of QuantBoats you will find here the whole story from the beginnings until today.

From 2009 - 2011 we build the Quant 28. The boat delivered more than its "paper form" promised. We win practically all the regattas we attend and also achieve sensational placings against numerous and also overpowering competitors. With the Quant 28 and the further developed Quant 30 a new class of innovative, high-performance sports boats with a wide range of applications will be created within three years. 

This will be followed in 2015 by the "full-foiling" Quant 23which won the European Yacht Award 2016 while still a prototype. The Q23 is the World's first boat that can handle all sailing modes from displacement sailing to full foiling - we see her as a model of a radically new generation of sports boats.
The Q23 is creating a lot of momentum to the development of monohulls on foils worldwide, bringing Hugh Welbourn and QuantBoats global attention. 

The year 2018 is dedicated to the successful launch of the Skeeta in Europe. The completely new singlehander-foiler with scow-hull from SFC (Skeetafoilingcraft) is suitable for beginners as well as for experts, for fun and regatta. Globally increasing sales figures underline the supremacy of the concept.

As of 2018, Welbourn is developing for an early customer of QuantBoats the QFX - a synthesis of the Quant23 and Quant30 in 35 feet: light wind specialist and "bullet on foils" in one boat. The launch will take place in May 2020. This design also quickly reveals its great potential - and at the next project we are already working on.

(Michael Aeppli and Max Schmid, founding partners of QuantBoats, Spring 2021) 


QUANTBOATS Newsletter 3/2021

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