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In 2008 we started our first project called "Quant 28" in collaboration with "Welbourn Design". (Hugh Welbourn is the inventor of the "DSS" - Dynamic Stability System, see also "History").
We wanted a sport boat for in-shore areas, with changing, mostly light to medium winds, which however can change very quickly into gusty strong wind conditions in certain weather constellations.

So we needed a boat that would ideally combine two previously contradictory characteristics:

1. a boat as light as possible

with a lot of sail area without demands on stability and...

2. ...a boat that is very stable but still light,

to convert the energy into as much speed as possible as soon as the wind picks up.

Conventional sports boat design concepts of the early 2000s with high passive ballast were therefore not an option for us. We knew their limitations and disadvantages only too well. We wanted something radically different.

In the "Quant 28" this "duality" was solved relatively uncompromisingly:
An enlarged, light skiff with a lot of sail area and little ballast in the keel, but equipped with a lateral foil that stays in the boat in light weather and is only used when you need stability - in more wind.
This works because the lift generated by the foil downwind of the boat increases disproportionately with increasing speed and is transferred to the boat as a righting moment.

With the "Q28" we were very successful right from the start - in light winds anyway and thanks to the foil in lee, speeds of up to almost 25kts (relatively) could be achieved without any problems in the wind on spatial courses. However, the "Q28" was not a beginner's boat.

All further developments of QuantBoats follow this philosophy at their core, because we believe that...

a boat that sails well and fast in different conditions,

offers the owner a clear added value.

Over the last 11 years QuantBoats has completed a total of five projects in close collaboration with Welbourn Design and our extensive network of reputable partners, suppliers and specialists. Without exception, innovative, exciting and groundbreaking concepts in the range of 17 to 35 feet have been created and the kick-off meeting for another project has taken place (December 2020). Although always in uncharted territory, there have been no failures or significant technical issues with the various designs.

What does your dream boat look like?

With this know-how portfolio in the field of "foil-assisted boats" and an extensive international network of specialists and suppliers, we are today in a position to design full- or semi-foil boats to meet the individual needs of our customers and to construct them to the desired range.

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The topic "Foils" is still very new for many - we are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.