QUANTBOATS Newsletter 1/2021

SKEETA Events 2021

No doubt about it, the new year has not gone according to our expectations and wishes so far. It is slowly dawning on all of us that this pandemic will keep us busy for longer than we anticipated. Flexibility and patience in a variety of ways are called for.
However, we assume that we will also be able to meet for sailing together in the coming season. Therefore, we have - looking ahead - already set the dates for our "Major Events" and agreed fixed dates with the organizers and clubs locally.
As soon as the development of Covid allows it, we will send you the invitation and registration as before.

come. Today we just ask you to keep the following dates free - because what in the world could be more important than foiling with friends, colleagues and new acquaintances. Interested people are very welcome. Courses and test sails are also offered.

Interested? Please contact us here: info@quant-boats.com

Test sail, rent, book courses:

Stefan Hess, Sailcoach, Austria:

Yo Wiebel, Foiling School, Lake of Uri (Switzerland):

Simon Br├╝gger, Lake Thun Sailing School (Switzerland):

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