Brief portrait of the Quant 30

The "Quant 30" is a close relative and further development of the DSS pre-series boat "Quant 28". The Q30 combines superior performance with simplified handling on the water, during boat preparation, as well as during transport. The Q30 is a lakeracer and daysailor for demanding sailors who have always wanted a sailable high performance boat.

The boat was developed, among other things, with the intention of being able to stand up to the highly specialised Lakeracers on Lake Geneva. This goal has been achieved, even if the "Quant 30" is smaller, simpler and, above all, considerably cheaper than the boats of comparable performance on Lac LĂ©man and elsewhere. At regattas on Central European inland waters, the boats of the Q30 class are always to be found in the top ranks after time sailed.
ClipQuant 30 on the Lake of Uri in Switzerland

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