Short portrait of the Quant FX

As of 2018, Hugh Welbourn Design developed the "QFX" for an early QuantBoats customer.
The boat is the ultimate Lakeracer and a synthesis of the Quant 23 and Quant 30 taken to extremes in approximately 35 feet of length:

Light wind specialist and "projectile on foils" in one boat. 

The launch took place in May 2020. The delivery of the foils was delayed (Covid) and so the first season was sailed without foils. In retrospect, a good - albeit unintentional - development. 

The "QFX" quickly revealed her great potential and it was learned that this boat - even
in windy conditions - is quite controllable even without foils. This is important because it reduces the temptation to use the foils too early in races and lose power.

Among other things, the "QFX" should also prove itself at the legendary Bol d'Or regatta on Lake Geneva (Switzerland) and be in the absolute top group of monohulls.
The Bol d'Or is a major event in which hi-tech constructions sailed by some of the world's best professionals take part, as well as ordinary boats piloted by amateurs. At the best of times, there were around 600 boats on the start line.

Clip: QFX in training mode, spring 2021

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