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In automotive history, the abbreviation GT (Gran Turismo) is used for sporty automobiles that - derived from racing cars - were converted to participate in endurance races: Still very well powered, but more comfortable and close to being suitable for everyday use.
The latest Quant with the type designation GT will therefore be a fast boat, but conceptually not everything is subordinated to the pure performance dictate. Staying on the boat is relaxing and sailing with friends or family is an experience even in light conditions - boredom does not arise on this boat.

For exciting regattas with chances for front places, typical Quant GT sailors are still or always to be won. DSS boats like the QGT are not only superior to comparable modern, conventional designs, they are also easier to control and are characterized by refined and balanced behavior.

The new boat with DSS foils in 33 feet (10 m) for lakes and coast benefits from the wealth of experience gained over the last 13 years. The QGT is the latest in a generation of new foil-assisted DSS boats designed by Hugh Welbourn in collaboration with QuantBoats. All relevant knowledge of the design team flows into the current project.

With the Infiniti 46R with DSS support, a very successful foundation stone was laid and the first of five further 52 feet DSS yachts is about to be launched. Steering the Inshore Know-How Q28 and Q30 two successful small racing machines.

The Quant GT is specially designed for Central European inland waters with their rapidly changing wind conditions. Thanks to DSS foils, water ballast and a flexible sail plan, she can handle the entire wind range from "amabile" to "fuoco". Clip of a Q30 - a relative of the Quant GT shows. 

With this modern yacht - which is more about understatement than "show off" - we address enthusiastic sailors who enjoy dynamic movement and a sporty elegant appearance. On board you appreciate functional comfort paired with energy-saving handling. You don't mind an "implied" cabin, because you know from many years of experience how often you miss it in the end when it is missing. In addition, you have lost the desire to squeeze into "heavy equipment" already on land even if the weather shows little desire to tilt.

Still - a fast, agile and balanced boat is right up your alley.
One like the Quant GT.

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