Brief portrait of the Quant 28

.... The clou of the story: In the DSS boat, a wing inserted transversely through the hull provides the righting moment. Once the ship has picked up speed, the profile is extended downwind. This means that a keel is not completely unnecessary, but loses its importance as a ballast carrier with leverage effect.

The result: the DSS boat gets by with significantly less ballast.

The resistance due to the water is noticeably reduced

At the same time the wing generates lift. The boat can not fly with it, but the immersion depth and thus the wetted area of the entire hull are reduced.

The resistance decreases dramatically.

During the test of the magazine "Yacht" in Geneva the "Q28" can demonstrate impressively what the system delivers: 17 knots of speed only under jib and main, and that with just 12-13 knots of wind!

In Move it looks like this!

Increasing stability

"Another advantage is the increasing stability the faster the ship sails. The Q28 can also impressively prove this in the test. This finding is also significant for the development of cruising yachts. DSS can help to significantly reduce the rolling and pitching movements of a ship in waves...." Test report YACHT 16/2011, Michael Good

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