Brief portrait of the Quant 23

In moderate conditions, the "Q23" with its good nature and stability is also suitable as a family boat or singlehander. Mast setting and laying, keel lifting etc. is done by hand on the trailer. The 330 kgs light boat is exclusively slipped! Buoy, harbor or dinghy park are equally suitable as a berth.

Versatile potential benefits

What makes the "Quant 23" stand out from all its possible competitors today is its versatile utility potential, which in addition to "full foiling", pure displacement sailing and the dinghy-like planing ability of a Q23 crew also provides the completely new mode of semi-foiling. 

Sensation "Light Wind Foiling

Semi-foiling is the sail mode in which the boat cannot quite rise out of the water due to lack of wind, but the foils already produce so much lift that a kind of partial lift-off occurs, with a corresponding reduction in drag and a corresponding gain in speed.
However, the Quant 23 is the absolute star when it comes to "light wind foiling". Flying at 7-8kts true wind with almost 20kts over the water is a dream: Foilers Paradise!
Clip: Light wind foiling on Lake Garda

The Quant 23 won the coveted European Yacht Award 2016 already in the prototype stage.

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